SnailSwap will be the dark horse for Defi’s decentralized track

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Defi is a technical and economic model to implement the decentralized nature of blockchain more thoroughly. In the field of Defi, almost all traditional financial projects and old ICO projects have the opportunity to be demolished and rebuilt. It is this possibility that has made DEFI a trend again in 2020.

Decentralized exchanges are needed more than ever for future crypto assets. Decentralised exchanges are on the rise. Uniswap, the leader in Dex, has seen a lot of trading volume since its launch in September, but its weakness has been highlighted as the price of Ethereum has soared. To solve these problems, SnailSwap was born.

SnailSwap studied through the technical solution of cross-chain public chain, built the SNA public chain to solve the cross-chain support technology, made the cross-chain technology successfully realize asset transfer and data governance in DEX, broke through this difficulty, realized the cross-chain asset transfer and developed a number of pioneering projects.

SnailSwap has faster transaction speed, lower GAS fee, open and transparent on-chain data, and traceability of transactions. Smart contracts are used to automate market makers and capital flow pools. SNA and SNI are the platform tokens and incentive tokens of SnailSswap respectively. The maximum supply of SNA is 100,000,000 pieces, and there is no private placement, no pre-mining and full-mining issuance. Each of the 960 blocks produced 1,000 SNA. After the creation of the block, the production of each block decreased by 10 times, that is, each block produced 100 SNA, and then halved every two years. SNA has high scarcity, strong fairness, persistent deflation and infinite growth in value. The maximum supply of SNI is 50 million pieces, which will also be issued by full mining. Each block will produce 50 pieces of SNI and the daily output will be 7200 pieces, which will be used to motivate the ecological builders of SnailSwap.

Several of SnailSwap’s advantages will be the dark horse for Defi’s decentralized track:

1. Multi-party cross-chain

SnailSwap adopts cross-chain public chain technology and gradually supports cross-chain asset trading of mainstream public chains such as ETH, Ripple, EOS, TRON, etc., while Uniswap only supports application tokens of Ethereum public chain and has been able to run smoothly in multi-party cross-chain.

2. Low GAS consumption

As is known to all, the amount of GAS charged by Tai Fang is huge at present, which can reach hundreds of dollars when there is network congestion. Many ordinary users are rejected by the high amount of GAS, which is not applicable to multiple transactions. However, SnailSwp adds cross-chain function with the advantage of low GAS fee, allowing ordinary users to participate in the construction of digital currency ecology.

3. The general trend

Decentralized exchange is the trend of The Times, DeFi new financial new trend, ecological prospects, more reliable liquidity mining. Both platform tokens and incentive tokens adopt the issuing mechanism and halving mechanism without private placement or pre-digging. As a result, tokens continue to deflate and their value rises indefinitely

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