GBTT GOLD BIT TIME group Mining machine will be launched globally

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The global new crown epidemic has caused the production and operation of various industries around the world to experience varying degrees of impact. Many well-known companies around the world have also fallen into bankruptcy, and the global economic recession is obvious. In order to stimulate economic recovery, countries all over the world have begun to release money. Take the United States as an example. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the US Congress has passed four rounds of economic relief plans, totaling nearly US$2.9 trillion. In the context of global flooding, if the rate of appreciation of the funds on hand cannot exceed the rate of excess currency issuance, it means that the purchasing power of assets will decline and depreciate.

With the over-issue of currencies, various global venture capital products have also ushered in a wave of good rising prices, such as stocks, gold, and digital currencies. The United States, one of the best performers in the global stock market, has returned to the level before the plunge. Although gold has risen all the way, it has only increased by 20% in one year. The digital currency we are familiar with has also been strong after the plunge, exceeding the plunge. The previous level. Among them, BTC has risen from $3,800 to the current $17,000, and ETH has risen from $80 to the current $530. If you understand the history of digital currency, you know that once digital currency rises, it will basically show several times or even dozens of times. Therefore, at present, digital currency is still the best investment choice.

There are two ways to acquire digital currency, mining and currency speculation.

For ordinary users, mining is a better way to obtain digital currency, and it is relatively easy to worry about. Don’t always watch the currency price trend, because mining has become the best way for ordinary users to enter the market.

Of course, traditional mining is also very difficult. It is necessary to purchase mining machines by yourself and find suitable and low electricity prices. The operation and maintenance of mining machines are not small expenses.

What is the GOLD BIT TIME Group mining machine?

The emergence of the GOLD BIT TIME Group today solves these problems for global users! GOLD bit TIME Group is a large-scale cloud computing center that emerged in the era of universal digital currency. It has extensive coverage and authority in the global digital cloud computing field, and has many years of operating experience in the financial field. GOLD bit Time Group has multiple digital mines around the world, involving multiple digital currency production and mining businesses. In order to avoid the waste of human resources, GOLD bit TIME will open the world’s major digital mines in the form of a contractual cooperation system, so that the majority of miners can participate in the mining of GBTT tokens. GOLD bit Time Group sells mining machines at cost. Moreover, we solemnly promise that we will not make profits from mining machines, and will not sell any products other than mining machines, and will never charge the income and commissions of the mining machine owners.

3 ways to realize GBTT:

1: The GBTT pass will be listed and circulated on major exchanges around the world within three months, with a conservative issue price of 15 USDT. It is a digital economy model where all people participate, all people help, and all people share.(The platform has commissioned the internationally renowned accounting firm PWC Price water house Coopers to conduct professional evaluation and accounting, and finally decided to issue it on major exchanges at the lowest conservative issue price of 15USDT after listing)

2: GBTT tokens dug by physical mining machines and GBTT tokens obtained by promotion rewards are sold back to the platform directly at the price of 1.5USDT.

3: GBTT, as the only token, will be circulated and used in all scenarios in the GOLD BIT TIME(GBTT) digital economy ecosystem. The total value of 21 million GBTT will appreciate infinitely in the future.

What is the  GOLD BIT TIME(GBTT)digital economy biosphere?

 GOLD BIT Time(GBTT) Group brings together elite leaders from the United States, South Korea, Canada, Singapore, India, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, the Philippines, Thailand and other countries and regions, and unites with Columbia University, the United States The Silicon Valley SVIF company, the Swiss Block chain Finance Research Institute SBC, and the world-renowned digital asset management company-FBG co-sponsored. It has also received the strong support of the world’s top strategic investors. In the future, we will realize the global industry data chain, asset safety chain, promote more industry individuals to join the ecosystem, data integration, maximize the value of data, and use gold Block chain, big data, Internet of Things, AI and other cutting-edge technologies have realized the safe chaining of global industrial data and assets, promoted the integration of industrial data, and connected physical value through massive data. Create global value and realize the integration of the “five flows” of business flow, capital flow, information flow, logistics, and user flow, so that all entities in the ecosystem can create greater value and jointly build an open, shared, collaborative, and innovative, and continuous cycle of digital Economic ecosystem. GOLD BIT TIME (GBTT) focuses on block chain + industrial development, ecological construction, and  multi – chain integration. Starting from global physical mines, it will open up the application of block chain technology in various fields and continue to link more digital economy participants, including Individuals, entrepreneurial projects/enterprises, regulatory agencies, banks, venture capital institutions, etc., use AI, big data, cloud computing, 5G, Internet of Things and other cutting-edge technologies to digitally transform industrial resources, accurately match them, and circulate them widely to realize the physical industry Digital upgrades to create a digital economic ecosystem with borderless data circulation, open value sharing, and industrial collaborative innovation.

GOLD BIT TIME(GBTT) focuses on block chain + industry development, ecological construction, and multi-chain integration. It has always been centered on providing users with authenticity, real-time, and sustainable data value. It has built 13 ecosystems from four major areas. Application layouts include cultural and ecological industries, technology incubation industries, payment industries, VR virtual technology, cartoons, education and training, games and gaming, resource sharing ecology, 5G, new energy, tourism, finance, film and entertainment industries. In the future, it will cover shopping, cars, real estate, gas cards, food, clothing, housing, transportation, etc. The market value of the whole system will reach one trillion US dollars, and the price of each GBTT token will be no less than 4,700 US dollars.

The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has accelerated the transition of the global economy to digitali zation. The digital economy may become a key force in hedging the impact of the epidemic, reshaping the economic system, and improving governance capabilities. The digital trend is coming, the wave sweeping the world, and the global industries are digitizing. The world is ushering in a new era and new opportunities. The  GOLD BIT TIME (GBTT)digital economy ecosystem is sure to stand on top of the wave of the digital economy era and lead the world in digital The development of the economic era will help the recovery of the global economy, help people around the world, and realize the multiplication of wealth in the digital economy era!


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