Eminent Author and Life Coach Eric North Guides on Building a Happier Life

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Renowned Author, Life Coach And Speaker Shares His Happiness Tips

New York City, New York Jan 11, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – Eric North is a world-renowned author, life coach, and speaker who finds his passion in guiding his followers to a happier, and healthier life and is known as ‘The Happiness Warrior’. Now he is continuing his journey of advising and inspiring people to achieve their contentment. North believes that life is a game people can win when they can be happy and self-aware in almost any circumstance or event. He says that a feeling of wholeness comes when people strive for self-awareness and authenticity. It is the foundation from which will always provide people with better choices and opportunities. Similar to an unbeatable synergy of body and mind where self-awareness guides their journeys.

In this guidance towards building the foundation for a happier life, the best-selling author says that people can be stronger than they have ever imagined. This happens when they’re accountable for themselves and how they solve their problems. People need to have a desire to make a conscious effort to be their best, knowing that all of their actions have meaning. According to North, when people become conscious of their actions, it has an impact on personal decisions and measured actions. So it is important to know that it is only up to individuals to build a solid base from which people will rise and raise their vibration.

‘The Happiness Warrior’ says that he believes there are four principles that are essential for a happier and more balanced life. The first one is that life has no limits if everything people do has an action and purpose. Secondly, he thinks that it is necessary to never use energy on anything that people cannot use or develop to better their lives. The third principle talks about never wasting time on something that people cannot understand or control. The last principle is about never taking physical bodies for granted and always caring for ourselves with respect and love. According to North, one of the hardest truths that most people face is that the simplest of changes that will benefit them the most are often the hardest to learn. Many people often say that they are going to change things for the better only to be defeated by their illogical fears and defenses.

As ‘The Happiness Warrior’, he believes that life is best lived when people are clear in their values and understand self-discipline and self-awareness. He says that the necessities for living the best lives that all deserve include enjoying the peace of mind that comes from good habits that never fail. For this, it is important to embed healthy routines in everyone’s consciousness. This creates a strong foundation and when people have a stable foundation built from their core values and instinctual rituals, they can actualize their intention. This will start growth in ways that can never be imagined. The eminent speaker further says that the best way to incorporate new changes or habits into lives is to start with small easily obtainable goals.

However, the start is not smooth as most people find the idea of making a change to be overwhelming and frustrating. The cycle of starting with a new habit, getting frustrated, and then leaving continues until the feeling of hopelessness and anger is upon people. However, mindful nutrition is the key to good health and mindset. As the popular saying goes, “We are what we eat!” and now science also proved that there is a direct connection between people’s moods and what they consume. This is why the life coach’s one consciously ingrained rule is that food should have a purpose and role in what people have planned for their days. The second rule comes with exercising regularly to the best of physical ability. This is how people can honor their bodies and learn to trust and love themselves more. It is also committing daily to another day of life. He further says that daily movement is the normal function of human life and enhances metabolism, brain function, and circulation where gratitude is a determining factor.

The celebrated speaker then moves on to the importance of mindful breathing which he says is the process of using techniques to calm our state of consciousness, decompress, and help people remain in the present. According to North, mindful breathing is also a way to reduce stress quickly and that will help reset and move forward. At the same time, it is also important to have positive mental awareness. This comes with the belief that we are whole and worthy. It is how people learn to show up for their lives with happiness and clarity. So it is essential to believe that no one is better than anyone else and all have access to their internal powers no matter how much they try to hide them.

Lastly, ‘The Happiness Warrior’ says that everyone is connected in one way or another, but it’s everyone’s connection to the universe that helps them rise and raise their vibration. According to North, the truth is that the energy of the universe is always there to help guide people on their journey. People might call it faith, but it is the belief that people are not alone and that everything they do has value and purpose. Every day is an opportunity to gain wisdom and life mastery. So for more guidance like this, follow North at: www.thwarrior.com.

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