After DeFi, Matrix has set off another hot spot in the industry, and NFT encrypted games are coming!

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The birth of Bitcoin introduced concepts such as trustlessness and digital scarcity. Before that, the cost of copying in the digital world was almost zero. With the advent of blockchain technology, programmable digital scarcity has become possible, and it is now being used to map the digital world to the real world. The DeFi ecosystem continues to lead the industry, and interest in NFTs has also increased.

The uniqueness and scarcity of NFT make it very suitable for marking the ownership of assets in the blockchain, and truly realize the connection between digital assets and real assets in the virtual world. For example, Non-fungible tokens (NFT) can now be used as encrypted tokens. Same as other cryptocurrencies’ homogenization (indistinguishable and fungible), each Non-fungible tokens is unique.

NFT is an important part of the new digital economy based on blockchain. At present, many projects are testing the practicality of NFT. The content includes games, digital identities, licenses, certificates, and art, and they also represent partial ownership of certain high-value items. It is understandable that the latest craze in the encryption field is changing the way we buy and sell goods in the digital field.

2020 is also a milestone for the gaming industry. During the epidemic, the blockade measures of countries around the world have to some extent pressed the accelerator key for the development of the gaming market. According to the “Global Game Market Report 2020” released by Newzoo, the annual revenue of the global gaming market in 2020 is 159.3 billion dollars, increase of 9.3% respectly, and annual revenue is expected to exceed 200 billion dollars by 2023.

The broad market prospects of the game industry also encourage the development of blockchain game projects, especially NFT (Non-fungible tokens) that makes the items in the game world become unique assets and belong to the individual players. With the continuous optimization of NFT-related technologies and protocols and the rise of DeFi projects, which provide a more convenient trading platform for NFT, the NFT gaming market is gradually heating up. In this context, the smart encryption game platform Matrix came into being.

Matrix was founded by Anton Romanov, a veteran Russian blockchain practitioner and investor, and built by the world’s top geek game team. Matrix is ​​the first batch of gaming DAPP applications released on the OKExChain. MAT relies on the special attributes of the blockchain NFT to build a leading intelligent, highly reliable, and circulated super encrypted ecosystem in the gaming industry.

The Matrix project is an in-depth cooperation partner of the Blockchain Innovation Institute and major mainstream financial institutions. It has cooperated with Vietnam’s most advanced DeFi application platform UBU Finance, Australia’s horse racing and entertainment industry leader CLARE PARK, and Singapore’s unique and innovative Wealth management company Provided, Switzerland’s Grow Bank, which is compatible with traditional and digital assets, and Russian-speaking digital asset payment platform AXIS COINS have reached a unified strategic alliance and are committed to becoming a value router in the field of blockchain encrypted games.

Compared with other NFT projects on the market, Matrix has four outstanding advantages: players really own game assets; game data can be stored permanently and safely; game open source development; decentralization. What Matrix wants to build is a game Platform + NFT + Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) + DeFi + Super territory of ecological derivatives.

Nowadays, the blockchain industry is rapidly moving towards the next wave of growth-NFT DAPP. The encrypted game industry has begun to show its real potential. Matrix will work with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The organic combination of concepts makes the NFT ecosystem more prosperous.

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