A King Of Wolves game aimed at building multiple DeFi ecology and landing games is coming online.

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King Of Wolves is a NFT-based competitive social game supported by Absolute blockchain. The rich identities of police chiefs, wolves, ordinary villagers, prophets and detectives in the game are all NFT assets. Users have full ownership and can transfer and trade through blockchain networks at any time. Users can also package the roles and resources in the game as a whole as NFT for transfer or sale. The attribute upgrade of these roles requires AST Token, and their weapons are all based on NFT. Players must collect as many AST Tokens as possible to upgrade their game ability, because this is a game of playing while earning, which means that there is money incentive for players to pledge the original AST coins of the platform and continue the game.

Although the games of playing while earning have just emerged, they seem to be popular for a long time. Players can create new digital assets, use the infrastructure of the game to trade, and earn virtual currency in the game. These virtual currencies can be easily sold and exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and statutory currencies.

In the past, there have been many games that support online community dynamics, but by adding revenue-generating capabilities, playing while earning games is making communities more active. This niche market is still young, so it may be beneficial to pay attention to these projects while playing, because they are beneficial in the long run.

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