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Tax planning is an essential aspect of financial management, and it’s becoming increasingly important as tax laws and regulations continue to evolve. One concept that is gaining traction in the world of tax planning is infinite banking, also known as “bank on yourself.”

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Infinite banking is a financial strategy that involves using a whole life insurance policy as a savings and spending vehicle. The cash value of the policy grows tax-deferred, and policy loans can be taken out against the cash value, allowing the policyholder to access their own money without triggering a taxable event.

There are several reasons why tax planning of the future will be based on the concept of infinite banking.

Tax-deferred growth:

One of the main advantages of infinite banking is that the cash value of the policy grows tax-deferred. This means that the policyholder doesn’t have to pay taxes on the growth of the policy until they withdraw the money. This can help to maximize the growth of the policy and reduce the overall tax burden.

Tax-free policy loans:

Another advantage of infinite banking is that policy loans can be taken out against the cash value of the policy, and these loans are not considered taxable income. This allows the policyholder to access their own money without triggering a taxable event.

Asset protection:

Whole life insurance policies are also considered to be an asset that can be protected from creditors in case of bankruptcy. This can be a great way to protect assets and wealth in case of any financial difficulties.


Infinite banking also provides more flexibility compared to other investment options. Policyholders can use the cash value of the policy to fund various expenses, such as home repairs, business ventures, and even retirement. This can help to ensure to have accessibility to to the money when needed.

Long-term planning:

Infinite banking is a long-term strategy that can help to ensure access to money needed throughout a lifetime. This can be especially beneficial for retirees who are looking for a way to generate income in retirement.

In conclusion, infinite banking is a powerful financial strategy that offers many advantages for tax planning. Its tax-deferred growth, tax-free loans, asset protection and flexibility make it an attractive option for those looking to maximize the growth of their wealth and minimize their tax burden. It’s a strategy that has been used by many successful individuals and businesses, and it’s one that can help to achieve financial goals. It’s important to consult with a infinite banking practitioner to determine if Infinite banking is the right strategy for one’s personal financial situation.

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