AGELOCER watch wins 2021 CGD Contemporary Good Design Award

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The International Design Award “Contemporary Good Design” hosted by the German Red Dot Award has recently announced the 2021 award-winning products, and the AGELOCER watch has won three 2021 Contemporary Good Design Awards. This is AGELOCER’s 12th design award after the German Design Award, London Design Award, Berlin Design Award, Italian A Design Award, and Chicago Design Award in the United States.

It is reported that the Contemporary Good Design Award (CGD) is an international design award sponsored by the German Red Dot Award, which aims to select good designs for the contemporary society. The judging process of the award is based on the Red Dot Award’s more than 60 years of professional judging experience. The international jury is selected by the Red Dot, and the Red Dot is responsible for the review of the entries throughout the process, ensuring the professionalism, seriousness and authority of the Contemporary Good Design Award. The 9 senior international judges focus on whether each product meets the international top standards, rather than the competition between the participating products.

The Contemporary Good Design Award has received a total of many outstanding works from more than 30 countries and regions around the world to participate in the selection. In 2021, the number of entries for the Contemporary Good Design Award has reached a new high. A total of more than 2,300 works participated in the world, and 370 works were finally awarded. The overall level has also increased significantly compared with previous years.

There are three award-winning AGELOCER watches, namely: Astronomer Series 6404A1, Big Bang Series 5803J3, and Tourbillon Series 9001A1. The three award-winning watches have made bold innovations and structural improvements on the basis of traditional functions, reflecting AGELOCER’s spirit of respecting traditions but not being restrained. From the creativity and skills of the three award-winning products, it can be seen that AGELOCER’s design concept of “redefining mechanical watches is always surprised”, and the brand has always been committed to creating a new generation of mechanical watches that meet the aesthetics of young people. AGELOCER breathes new life into mechanical watches.

AGELOCER · Astronomer Series

Subvert the traditional 28.5mm immersive Moon Phase Watch

The AGELOCER astronomer series breaks the traditional structure of the industry’s small window and semi-shielded moon phase. With a subversive 28.5mm overall design, the orbit of the stars and the moon is enlarged to the entire dial, allowing the wearer to be in the vast galaxy universe. A more direct view of the moon phase profit and loss process. In order to enable the watch to drive the 28.5mm large-area moon phase disc and prevent the moon phase dial from sliding due to the inertia of the wrist movement when worn, it is necessary to control the size of the moon phase window and control the display error within a reasonable range. The design team spent two years of repeated testing to re-improve the watch’s anti-return structure and drive structure, thicken the toggle spring, and strengthen the power output of the turntable to accurately counter inertia. It brings a new immersive large-screen visual feast, which is the condensation of top precision technology and ingenious design.

This watch is the first watch made by AGELOCER in China with 3D nano-metal printing technology. The three-dimensional carved moon phase is lifelike, and the platinum-plated process makes the lunar landform more colorful, and makes a new upgrade of modern technology and traditional functions.

AGELOCER · Big Bang Series

The multi-layered three-dimensional space separated by three needles redefines the way of reading time

AGELOCER never stops thinking about interesting ways of expressing time, constantly breaking through inherent technology and cognition, and presenting young people’s exclusive mechanical watches in a new way of time travel. The Big Bang series breaks the ceiling of Chinese mechanical timepiece design, reconstructs the dial structure, and redefines the way of reading time. The innovative three-pin separate design is adopted, and the hands rotate around different axes respectively, and cooperate with each other without interfering with each other. Incorporating elements such as rudder pointers and gear dials, the design concept of the instrument panel symbolizing speed and passion runs through the entire three-dimensional mechanical dial.

The difficulty of designing the Big Bang series watch is to set up 4 layers of complex mechanical hollow structure in the extremely narrow dial space of 2.4 mm. The dial is different from the traditional flat and single design, and uses rigorous technology to achieve the industry’s first multi-level mechanical dial, bringing a stronger visual impact. In the production process, it is necessary to strictly control the thickness, height and pointer length of each layer of the dial, reserve appropriate space, and adjust it repeatedly to accommodate the 4-layer dial hollow structure and the space interspersed design of the pointer in the ultra-thin space with a thickness of 2.4mm. This is the proof of the brand’s manufacturing strength, and it is also the embodiment of the breakthrough design.

AGELOCER · Tourbillon Series

Extremely hollow and thin, interpreting the tourbillon design of the new era

The AGELOCER flying tourbillon watch is inspired by the building suspended in the sky. The double-sided hollow design shows the movement structure completely, and the wearer can completely peep the flying tourbillon without a top bracket. The internal mechanical operation relationship is infinitely magnified as the main body of expression, and the futuristic architectural structure aesthetics is interpreted with minimalist and smooth lines, which interprets the purity of industrial machinery and the spatial beauty of architecture to the extreme. The suspension flying bearing structure is adopted, the top bridge is removed, and only the ruby bearing is used as the support point at the bottom, which makes the tourbillon as thin and light as possible, and more mechanically dynamic.

Hollow-out craftsmanship is a craft expression that takes into account both aesthetics and functions. How to remove the excess metal parts and show the beauty of the movement from the inside to the outside requires watchmakers to be proficient in watchmaking technology, and to invest a lot of analysis, calculation and consideration. Only in this way can a balance be achieved between the beauty of the engraving and the guarantee of functional operation. Unlike other skeleton watches with irregular hollow structure lines, small hollow area, and still large metal decks, Aigler adopts a more design-oriented extreme hollow process, which needs to be repeated without affecting the performance of the watch. After calculation and modification, the excess metal parts on the movement splint except the skeleton are completely removed, leaving only the sturdy movement bones. The AGELOCER tourbillon series breaks the complicated tradition of classical machinery. The extremely hollowed-out movement creates a light visual beauty and realizes multiple changes of clarity and transparency, so the award is also well deserved.

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